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BES is among the larger LFG-to-energy operators in the United States operating approximately 5% of all LFG projects in the continental U.S. The Company has been engaged in the development, design, construction, financing, ownership and operation of LFG-to-energy projects sites for over 27 years. BES owns and operates 16 LFG-to-energy projects. For the year ended December 31, BES sold approximately 256,000,000 kwhs of electricity and 389,000 mmBtu of LFG as boiler fuel.

Current BES management has been involved in all aspects of LFG-to-energy projects including the design and construction of both the gas collection systems and the energy utilization systems, including transportation pipelines and boiler retrofits. BES management has been involved with the development and construction of every one of the projects currently owned by BES. In addition, existing management has significant experience in obtaining financing for LFG facilities and with the monetization of the intangible products produced by the operation of LFG-to-energy facilities, including tax credits, RECs and Carbon Credits.

BES's operating philosophy is to operate in conjunction with the landfill owner, allowing the landfill owner to maintain compliance with their regulatory obligations. For a LFG-to-energy project to be successful, the operator of the energy facility must establish and maintain a strong relationship with the landfill owner and adjust its plans to respond to landfill operations.

Biomass energy projects in the United States are eligible for investment tax credits. In the U.S., the increasing cost of waste disposal supports new capacity to generate electricity from conversion of municipal waste.